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Jolly Holly Merry Hemp(mass)!

Jolly Holly Merry Hemp(mass)!

It's the most wonderful time of the year - to wear Hemp!


It's been a heck of a Fall, sprinkled with Pumpkin flavoured treats, rainy days, glimpses of sunshine and a lot of work.

That was just the beginning of the Cold Season. We are just starting to ascend on the upper peak of it, a peak that has the very first stop at the end of December on those marvellous 3 days that for sure, we're all waiting for.

Am I right?


I can't even start to find the words to express the excitement that marks the beating rhythm of my fingers while I'm tapping and crafting (gently, of course) this authentic Christmas Article.

December is that month when we are encouraged to be more kind, more aware, more gentle or polite, more giving and more thoughtful regarding what is arounds us.

December is that month when we try to be a little better.

Hemp ChristmasHemp ChristmasHemp ChristmasHemp Christmas
Hemp Christmas

We think that Light drives away the darkness just so that we can find that magic that's been dormant in us throughout the whole year.

Light comes with hope and beginnings, knowledge and safety.

 So maybe part of our "better", "kinder", "warmer" has many to do with Christmas Lights.

Have you ever gave it a thought?


Light also brings joy and creativity and it is one of the words we use to express and explain the creative process behind the DeIONESCU Atelier.

In light of this, we want to come bearing gifts to all of you!

Because is the season to be Jolly, and what other way to be Jolly than giving


Joy to the Hemp,

The Lord has come!



It may come as a surprise,

It may come as an expected thought,

It may come in your mailbox,

For all we know,  it comes just in time!


The Christmas Gift marathon started once December came and we know that our fellow readers need authentic and special gifts for those special people they will cheerfully wish to

"A very Merry Christmas!"

Hemp Christmas

That being said, it was only expected that we will offer a

30% discount in order to make those dreams come true!

All this is happening when you're walking straight into a Hempster Wonderland - Our Shop!


Consider our Shop as it might be the Hidden Gem out of Santa's Rusty Old Bag

(there's always magic in vintage or old bags, innit?).

Besides, our Santa has one of the most durable and resistant Bags!


Because Santa's Bag is made out of Organic Hemp.

So go on and grab that special outfit that will make you look dashing on that Christmas Dinner your family is planning!


On the 1st day of Christmas,

My true love said to me:

"Hemp clothes" or "We're done!"

Then she sat in the corner ignoring me 


You don't want that, do you?

Hemp Christmas

Have yourself some Hemp Presents this Christmas!


Craft a selection of our latest or as we love putting it "our freshly baked" Limited Edition Scarves that come in lovely Shade Names such as "Oregano"!

Who doesn't love Oregano?

Spice up your image with that amazing shade of a Scarf.


Dive into our website that is officially Christmas Ready and handpick the perfect gift for your Stylish Father, the perfect Groom Suit with a little bit of "Je ne sais quoi Hemp" that's going to make your Wedding outstanding, fabulous and stylish, order Beanies for your friends and all that you wish for this year!


HO HO HO Hemp!




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