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Hemp Clothing?

Hemp Clothing?

Have you heard about hemp clothing? Trick question! Of course you’ve heard, otherwise you wouldn’t be here, right? 


Some of you might be the lucky fashionable owners of a garment signed by De IONESCU at this particular moment. Some of you might still wonder “Why should I wear Hemp clothing?”

For those of you who still question whether to purchase a garment made out of this very controversial plant, The Hemp, we are writing this article.

Let us start by saying that the benefits of Hemp clothing and Hemp fabric are simply A-mazing!

Other than being a highly sustainable crop that nourishes the soil without much care or pesticides; hemp fabric happens to be efficient, long-lasting, and durable.

Are you surprised? Go on.

It’s super comfortable and soft on the skin. Being such a loveable crop, it’s only fair we talk about the most amazing benefits of hemp clothing, not just for the body but for the environment as well.

"Hemp clothing is our brand’s personal approach as well as initiative in combating climate change, while keeping you fashionable at the same time."

How does that sound? A-mazing, right? 


What Exactly is Hemp? 

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Hemp is a variety of the Cannabis Sativa plant. As a crop, it has amazing industrial implications. It goes into the making of textiles, oils, food, construction material, and so much more.

It grows up to be quite tall. The stalk is fibrous and has almost negligible levels of THC. Hemp has an endless list of usage, one of which is Hemp fabric.

How is Hemp Fabric Used?

A large portion of the Hemp industry is focused heavily on apparel. Originally, Hemp fabric was seen and appreciated as a novelty item for people who had a love for the cannabis plant.

The fabric still remains a big hit in the cannabis subculture. But, over the years people from all around the globe started to appreciate the fabric for its benefits rather than its association with marijuana which usually has negative connotations.

You can find hemp garments such as :

●      Dresses, pants, jackets, skirts, and children’s clothing

●      Tablecloth

●      Upholstery

●      Bedding items such as bedsheets, duvets, and blankets

At De IONESCU you can find a variety of fashionable items starting with beanies, shorts, pants, jackets, trenches and cutsom made suits because we strongly think that sustainable fashion is part of present times, times that will dictate how the future unfolds in terms of fashion. 

One other amazing benefit of Hemp clothing would be the fact that it’s easy on the skin while allowing it to actually breathe. The fabric absorbs sweat as well, so what more could you be wanting to wear on those super hot summer days? I suppose now’s the time we should also tell you that Hemp clothing is resistant to UV Rays, allowing your face to become the main area where suncream is needed and also preventing you to get sunburnt while exotic islands or crowded cities during summer.

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This is our alternative of keeping you good-looking or picture ready, while taking care of your skin. Unfortunately, there are fashion giants who barely keep in mind the welfare and wellbeing of your body, mind and soul when they design certain collections.

Besides these incredible properties, Hemp clothing continues to hold shape over time, doesn’t wear off easily after multiple washes like other fabrics used worldwide do.

The biggest surprise?

The fabric gets softer and gentler after every wash!

Can you imagine that? 

Having a favourite item in your wardrobe that gets more amazing in terms of “skin touch” and comfort over time? We hope you can imagine that now!

Hemp is a magic crop which has the power to transform the world in so many areas. 

We can write a novel, or come up with stories, testimonials and so on, but up until the very moment you will wear a piece of Hemp clothing, it would be in vain, because you can't write about a feeling. A feeling must be sensed and that's one of our goals, here at De IONESCU. We are selling you a feeling and a state of mind while keeping you safe and fashionable.

Head onto our website and find your new favourite item for this summer and the next one, because once you’ll own it, you won’t let it rest in the closet.

Trust me!

Besides that, purchasing a Hemp piece of clothing might mean nothing to you, but it means a small step into combating climate change and making organic fashion, the better choice in the near future, in terms of clothing.

Embrace our love for this magical plant and join us and our community into making a change into this world we live in. 

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