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New Hemp Goodies for Your Christmas List!

New Hemp Goodies for Your Christmas List!

Ready for more Hemp this Christmas?


In light of this magical month we all love and care deeply about, we would like to bring a splash of De IONESCU Sparkle onto that Christmas list of yours!

We started crafting and "baking" all those Christmas goodies some time ago,

and the time has come to open that "oven" which is our Atelier, just to kindly sprinkle some of our magic hemp dust upon you, our fellow readers!


Military Hemp Jackets

#Forest Green

forest green hemp

Check out this Forest Green Military Hemp Jacket that we launched just in time for you to sing "Oh, Christmas Tree!"

Just by reading its name, you'll know that the color Forest Green is reminiscent of various greeneries in nature.

This versatile hue is associated wuh freshness, growth and balance.

forest green hemp


Because it is associated with the environment, the color Forest Green is frequently used in designs that support the earth and its ecosystem, or designs that are organic and sustainable, just like De IONESCU.

A great color to highlight Forest Green is red given its vibrance. This pairing is often seen during the Christmas season.

One other suggestion would be to associate it with a white shirt, while allowing your Mrs. to go full Red!


Ardeal Hemp Jacket


hemp rainforest ardeal jacket


The Ardeal Hemp Jacket, which is part of our new hemp collection, is simply the syncretism of sustainable fashion and aesthetic urban style.

The new shade called "rainforest" is one that matches the urban vibes of the cities while keeping its roots on the organic side, thanks to our beloved fabric: Hemp.


Ardeal Hemp Jacket

#Sky Blue

ardeal sky blue hemp


Sky blue is a peaceful, calming color.

According to color psychology, blue is associated with trustworthiness and reliability.

Blue is also said to promote feelings of tranquility; light blue’s gentle appearance means it is particularly likely to make that impression.

Public opinion polls have found that blue is one of the colors most likely to be associated with masculinity.

Blue is a very popular hue—surveys of the North American and European public have found that almost half of the population consider it their favorite color.

Our staple Sky Blue shade is a one of a kind blue that reminds us of summer skies even on dark winter days.


Ardeal Hemp Jacket

#Forest Green

ardeal forest green hemp


Another ode to Christmas, straight from De IONESCU to you!

Embrace this Forest Green because it's probably the most beautiful shade that one can wear or see this December.

Pair it with a simple black outfit for a more "serious" look or wear it with light colours and vivid beanies for a mor fun approach!


Ardeal Hemp Jacket


ardeal black hemp jacket


Worn predominantly by elegant, wealthy figures, black oozes with sophistication.

In the fashion realm, black is synonymous with class and flair.

You can dress it up and down, making it a staple in many wardrobes.

Pairing nicely with brighter tones, black loses its aggressive edge when combined with vivid hues.


Ardeal Hemp Jacket

#Navy Blue

ardeal navy blue jacket


Navy blue was a reference to the color of the uniforms worn by officers in the British Royal Navy since 1748, and subsequently adopted in navies around the globe.

In the late 1980s, this color was one of the original 16 HTML/CSS named colors formulated for standardized computer display.

What colours go with navy blue?

It can generally be paired with any color, but works best with different hues of greens and purples.

Even brighter tones like oranges, reds and yellows go well with this hue.




oregano hemp scarf


We all love to experience spices when it comes down to food, right?

The time has come to spice up your outfit with our Limited Edition Oregano Scarf!


#Baby Blue

baby blue hemp scarf


Works perfectly alongside any type of blue jeans!

Wear it with a smile.



brown hemp scarf

You cannot go wrong with earthy tones!

Embrace Browns as they are and make them part of your daily outfits.



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