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Imperfection is the New Fashion

Imperfection is the New Fashion

Between me and you,

the Fashion Industry ain't an easy one.

There's been a couple of years ever since the word Fashion started meaning something to almost every human on the planet.

It's been some time now since the term Fashion stopped being "something niche" that could be heard only inside a specific group of people, educated ones. No.

It's been a while since your grandma', mine, and every human on the planet got acquainted with it.


Ever since Fashion became the cool new word that could be read on everyone's lips, I really think that people somewhat felt closer to the industry itself, without even realising it.

Starting with the mass globalisation of this word, the Love for Fashion bloomed in terms of mankind.

Fashion is one big umbrella that holds the magic of so many creative hacks and facts under it.

It is the place where one can explore his talents in terms of a creator.

The place where the creator embarks onto an almost never ending journey that resembles much Peter Pan's Neverland when it comes down to fabrics and textiles which basically represent the Canvas of the Designer.

This is one of the reasons the Fashion Industry is considered a form of art.

Clothes are Painted Canvases.


The first records of the word Fashion come from around 1300.

It ultimately comes from the Latin factiōn-, meaning “a making, company, party.”



For De IONESCU it means a little more than "making, company, party".

For sure, we could consider the words stated above as the foundation on which we started adding brick by brick, in order to build our Home.

For us Home means designing an idea, hustling to find ways for it to become alive without the use of magic (of course), giving birth to it into the "unknown" which is the internet, building a strong community and getting to actually know our clients in terms of taste, preferences, suggestions and things that basically could and would always help us improve our way of designing and our vision.


That being said, if the Fashion Industry is a rocky place, how about the World, in general?


No matter how much we constantly try to upgrade our views, our performances and to expand our barriers, there will for sure be people who will not resonate with our views and ideas, and it's fine.

People are flawed human beings, and we are for sure flawed in many ways, but guess what?

We never aimed for perfection.


We didn't aim to be the "perfect brand" or to design "the perfect suit" because in our opinion, "perfect" comes with certain extra moments that complete the set.

"The perfect suit" will exist only when you wear a damn fine Suit to a perfect Black Tie occasion, accompanied by the girl of your dreams, under the blue starry skies of August... .

Shall I go on?


The "perfect" is a mere representation of your "wants and needs" that go beyond the possibility offered by an object.


We are working hard in order to deliver you that Imperfect Suit, so that it will complete your picture perfect view.

We strongly think that Imperfection is The New Fashion because it allows us to create a unique garment every time we head onto our Atelier.

A unique garment for a unique you.


What we are trying to state over here is that our brand, De IONESCU offers you both unique fashionable garments as well as Quality over Quantity, because we are militating for Slow Fashion.

What does that mean?

It means that our fabric is 100% Pure Hemp.

What we are trying to say with that?

Are you Hemp'ing me? (joking)

We are trying to tell you that there is a big difference between an authentic 100% fabric and a combo of two or three fabrics.

For sure, the combo will come with some advantages but our Authentic Hemp Fabric is the Real Deal when it comes down to Hemp Clothing.

With a great awe and consideration to the word Fashion, 

De IONESCU is proud to be under the same umbrella.


Many years ago, when people first understood what Fashion really meant was simply because:

"Fashion spoke for itself with bedazzled hidden gems, carefully crafted by their Creators, into their design pieces.

It spoke every colour on Earth while understanding textiles, shapes and patterns. 

It embraced sizes from Thin to Thick, so much so, everyone could enjoy wearing an amazing piece of clothing.

Fashion was something that bonded people and still is today."








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