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A Game of Tones for Fall 21 - #Black

A Game of Tones for Fall 21 - #Black

Make way for the one and only King of shades,

Black is what always remains!


The one colour that was, is and will remain forever in trends, because no matter what will happen, Black will never ever get out of style.

Black is what we call a true classic!

The James Bond of classic shades.


The good news?

Everyone looks good in black!

No matter your height, weight or complexion, Black comes as a gift for everyone of us, and whenever we find ourselves holding a Black piece of clothing, that outfit will usually go in one of these directions:




because it's combat boots season / it's mysterious / it has a certain "tough" impact on one's outfit


Classy and Elegant


because there wouldn't be any "Black Tie Code" without the word Black in it.




Black Texture

What is the meaning that stands behind this colour?

Is it the mysterious dark of night that conceals terrifying nightmares?

Black absorbs all light, so it’s a low-energy color.

Though black used in contrast–particularly with white or yellow–does create energy, black on its own can be somewhat boring according to some.

Black lines on white paper are stark, definite marks–bearing huge communicative potential for transmitting information.

It’s the color used to convey certainty and authority, and when used in opposition with white, it’s a symbol of the eternal struggle between day and night, good and evil, and right and wrong.


We think of black as sophisticated and serious.

It’s the preferred color for much formal attire, and the little black dress is a classic piece of attire that’s timeless and always appropriate.

For De IONESCU, Black meant sticking to classic while adding a bit of contemporary urban touch through Hemp.

So if Black became such a staple word alongside "Black Tie", we shall start with our formal items.




Black Bucovina Hemp Suit Jacket 




When the great English poet wrote in act 1, scene 3 of Hamlet, ”The apparel oft proclaims the man”, he was probably referring to our Bucovina Hemp Suit Jacket.

A staple of our hemp collection: this minimalistic, organic and breathable double-breasted suit jacket represents the anatomy of our passion – our get up and go – and the stuff that dreams are made of.


Black Roman Hemp Suit Jacket 

Black Roman Hemp Suit Jacket


Our Roman Hemp Suit Jacket is best understood by the Latin phrase:

”Distincta vestis distinctus animus”, meaning that ”the correct attire proves a chosen soul”.

Holding beautifully its shape and half-lined with 100% Premium French Linen, this classic hemp suit jacket is synonymous with the thoughtful slow-fashion of our modern times.


Black Maramu Hemp Tuxedo 

Black Maramu Hemp Tuxedo


The Maramu Hemp Tuxedo Jacket is a classy concoction of class and style.

Designed for a more sophisticated look and a more sustainable future, this unique hemp piece features satin-covered shawl lapel, satin-covered jetted pockets and lightly padded shoulders.

Our breathable 100% hemp fabric feels great against your skin and will always make you look in control.


Black Banat Hemp Waistcoat

Black Banat Hemp Waistcoat

The Banat Hemp Waistcoat is an essential smart piece of every gentleman’s wardrobe, that is in line with the Oscar Wilde’s creed:

”I’m a man of simple tastes. I’m always satisfied with the best”.

Tailored to a slim-fit and featuring organic coconut buttons, this classic single breasted waistcoat cut from pure hemp fibers will easily animate your look.

You can wear it with a suit jacket for a more formal event, or with a pair of jeans and a tee for a more casual look.


Black Oltenia Hemp Waistcoat

Black Oltenia Hemp Waistcoat


The Oltenia Hemp Waistcoat is a wise, versatile and a must for any waistcoat enthusiast, featuring a notch lapel, natural coconut buttons, jetted pockets and that genuine good feeling when you see a well dressed man or woman crossing the street.

This hemp waistcoat is dedicated to the modern gentleman who lives in the spirit of the moment and that values both style and necessity.


Black Basarabia Hemp Waistcoat

Black Basarabia Hemp Waistcoat

The Basarabia Hemp Waistcoat is the representation of the modern hempster, a cross between a bohemian and a rebel, that sometimes indulges in epicurean pleasures but also enjoys things that follow the “slow philosophy“.

Elegant, yet comfortable, classic but with a twist, featuring a wide peak lapel, organic coconut buttons and welt pockets, this handsome 100% hemp creation is as iconic and representative to our style as The Godfather for the gangster genre or BB King for blues.


Black Dobrogea Hemp Waistcoat

Black Dobrogea Hemp Waistcoat

Designed for all occasions, Dobrogea Hemp Waistcoat is a creation for the more refined souls, from the modern minimalist to the passionate environmentalist.

Handmade with love and care in Transylvania – out of hemp fibers mechanically processed – this original and timeless piece will last for many generations to come.

So this means that even your grandchildren will happily wear it on a passenger spaceship for a ride at the edge of space.


Black Bucegi Hemp Waistcoat

Black Bucegi Hemp Waistcoat


The Bucegi Hemp Waistcoat is a first-class choice for any respectable gentleman: a fine and elegant double-breasted, slim-fit tailored, in a gorgeous and rare hemp – satin combination.

This natural beauty can serve your evening look, being simply the favourite playground of style, gentility and sustainability.


Black Crisana Hemp Trousers

Black Crisana Hemp Suit Trousers

Comfortable for all-purpose travel, these clean-cut and high-rise pair of Crisana Hemp Trousers represent a versatile option for a more relaxed look.

Tailored to a slim-fit and cut entirely out of 100% hemp fibers, they feature inverted double pleats, organic coconut buttons, an after-dinner split and 3 cm cuffs.


Black Muntenia Hemp Trousers

Black Muntenia Hemp Trousers


Muntenia Hemp Trousers are a chic and easy to wear pair that should be an essential workday item for any modern gentleman that values both style and necessity.

Tailored to a slim-fit, featuring side adjusters, a high-rise and being cut from pure hemp fabric, they are ideal for both summer and winter.




Black Hemp Peacoat

Black Hemp Peacoat


Let yourself tempted by this exquisite choice, that is a real fashionable shot.

Both comfortable and practical, with a touch of coolness, this Hemp Peacoat is here to help you transition from Summer to Autumn.


Black Military Hemp Jacket

Black Military Hemp Jacket


Why is this jacket called “Military”?

Is it because of its straight cut that makes it resemble a uniform?

The acute discipline we demonstrated while we designed it?

Or simply because once you wear it, you come to release a “quiet strength” aura? Maybe a little bit of all of them.


Black Ardeal Hemp Jacket

Black Ardeal Hemp Jacket


The perfect option for the modern boyar and lady, this breathable and organic hemp jacket contributes to your well being and it became a fact that hemp clothing is the number one choice when it comes to saving the planet and your body.


Black Wallachian Hemp Jacket

Black Wallachian Hemp Jacket


A cozy, classy and timeless piece, easy to match to any outfit and occasion as the hemp fabric will keep you cool in summer and warm in winter.


Black Dacian Hemp Trousers

Black Dacian Hemp Trousers


Tailored a regular fit with a flat front, Dacian Hemp Trousers are a handsome and basic pair cut from high quality and breathable hemp cloth.

Spun and woven in Romania by real masters with more than 60 years experience in processing hemp.


Black Cargo Hemp Trousers

Black Cargo Hemp Trousers

Our Cargo Hemp Trousers are the faultless piece that speaks for itself.

Perfect harmony between style and nature, this solid and world-weary pair of urban trousers were designed and handcrafted in Transylvania out of 100% hemp fibers.




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