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Hemp Cargo Pants - A Touch of 90s

Hemp Cargo Pants - A Touch of 90s

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” -  Bill Cunningham - photographer

The time has come to put a spotlight on our Hemp Cargo Pants, but first let’s do some fact reading, shall we? 

For those serving in the armed forces the statement regarding fashion “as an armour” is far more literal than figurative. As a result, the military has in fact established over the years a certain sense of fashion attire when it comes down to clothing, not only worn in battle, but civilian attire as well. 

What gave the Cargo Pant its famous name? Probably the sense of practicality and functionality the pants used to have back in 1930s, when they first touched day. The traditional design of these kind of pants was differentiated from other regular pants by its cargo pockets - hence the name! Cargo pockets are large square shaped patch pockets located on each side of the leg, usually at the lower thigh. They come in addition to other far more narrow pockets we all know and love from jeans, par example. 

But what makes Cargo pockets so desired by so many people even today is the sense of security they bring to their owner. They are the kind of pockets that fold shut and secure themselves and they are pleated to expand and accommodate larger items - because we all know that one day, Tech will get to that point that NO other pocket will be able to squeeze it in.


The History Of Cargo Pants


History of Cargo PantsPhoto Source

They were first worn by British Troops but soon enough afterwards, they were embraced by U.S. paratroopers. As soon as World War II ended, the dual pocket Cargo Pant became a standard imposed for almost all branches of the United States military. Even though Cargo Pants became alive in 1930s, it took them quite some time to make a debut on the Fashion Stage. To be honest, they probably hanged in some kind of closet up until 1990s and afterwords: BOOM - THEY WERE EVERYWHERE.

Markets, stores, every person had a pair of Cargo Pants in their closet, outfit, wish list, basket, and the list can go on. Soon enough though, people outgrew the trend, and this particular pant design became associated with “uncool dads” or “geeks” because we embarked on a new wave that had different trends to settle and different trendsetters as Human Mannequins, ones who valued comfort and practicability less than before.

There’s this pretty funny thing when it comes to Fashion. As how would one pretty charming guy well known in the Fashion Industry would say:

“In Fashion, one day you’re in and the next day you’re out.” - Tim Gunn


Cargo Pants, Nowadays


cargo pants nowadays

Photo Source

Nowadays, it seems that Cargo Pants are having a bit of comeback.

Let’s take a look at some of the Fashion pillars out there like Stella McCartney or Burberry - both Brits - who seem to have reinvented the pocketed pant. That’s the beauty when it comes to fashion. De IONESCU strongly thinks there are classic items and there are trends, but there is always a way to spin and reinvent a classic piece in order to make it Contemporary. What’s the key or how can you pull them off? It all comes down to styling, but of course. 


Hemp Cargo Pants


You can opt for our suggestions in terms of pairing the pants with other clothing items or you can simply follow certain guidelines when it comes down to aesthetics. It is all about balancing the cargos with items that are more minimal or unfussy I might add. 

When the Hemp Cargo Pant was “born” we thought that the unique thing we brought to this timeless design was the choice of fabric used for its creation. It is well known that our Hemp Clothing stands for a lot of reasons, most of them being sustainability, practicality, organic and comfortable. Now, read all that again and try finding a bunch of key words that describe the Cargo Pant.

Same? Exactly! 

Hemp Cargo Pants Styling


De IONESCU is all for simple, timeless lines and clean aesthetic when it comes down to design because there are far more important aspects a piece of clothing, in our case - a Hemp piece of clothing can offer to its buyer. Hemp Cargo Pants - no exception!


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