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Happy Hemp Women's Day!

Happy Hemp Women's Day!

First of all, we are back!

Secondly, we all must love Spring because it's the season when everything around us simply blooms.

It's that time of the year when we get to grow our ideas, express our thoughts and feelings, jump start that new project we always felt like doing but we never really had that energy boost one gets to feel nowadays.

Besides being a A Very Special Day, we must pause for a moment and acknowledge that March, per se, is actually a Very Special Month, one that holds under its umbrella (ella-eh) a bouquet of celebrations starting with its very first day.

On the 1st of March we celebrate the official beginning of Spring which in our country - Romania - we call "Mărțișor". On this day, 90% of Romanian Men buy one "Mărțișor" for the special women in their life.

What is this "Mărțișor" you might ask?

It can symbolise many things in terms of its visual but basically this Mărțișor is a little something that reminds us of a dear one, a little something that women wear it as a broche on the left side of their chest, near the heart.


martisorPhoto Source


The other 10% of men who reside in 3 counties of Romanian don't buy Mărțișor for women, instead, they receive one from the ladies. Tradition says in this parts of our countries that whomever buys a man a Mărțișor on the 1st of March must receive flowers from that man on the 8th of March as a thank you.

Besides this Romanian tradition we must also acknowledge that 1st of March is also Zero Discrimination Day which is celebrated worldwide followed by World Wildlife Day on the 3rd of March and lastly but not least, the 8th of March which brings us here, today:


International Women's Day


hemp woman


We wanted to make a comeback into your mailboxes on this Very Special Day because during the last couple of months, De IONESCU expanded its production, shifting from creating 100% menswear into producing "a little ode towards women" as we like to call it.

De IONESCU represents the epitome between traditional and modern, making our brand stand at the intersection of these too, a point where we like to blend "the best of both worlds". With that being said, we aimed into making our brand stand at the intersection between menswear and women's fashion for the solely purpose of allowing each and every one of you to experience our love for this very magical fabric we've been using as a staple signature into our garments: HEMP.


hemp woman



We decided that our first approach into women's fashion would be with something not too feminine but definitely something pretty much versatile such as a Hemp Jacket.

The jacket seems to have originated during the Middle Ages or early Renaissance as the jerkin, which is a more fitted version of the short tunic worn by working-class men.  The history of the coat is deeply rooted in military and naval backgrounds such as the British navy but when Chanel decided that they wanted to promote women wearing men's clothing in a very fashionable way, it casted away the conservative idea that Jackets were meant to be worn only by men.

hemp woman


When it came down to which colours we should choose for our Ladies Hemp Jackets we immediately knew we simply had to make our Nature (Beige) staple shade because it works with every complexion. Next, we thought that probably every single human being on this planet had at least one denim jacket at one point and so we decided to go into a "denim like" direction with our Slate Blue Hemp Jacket just to celebrate that timeless piece of fashionable item.

hemp woman


After choosing the "safer" part of our Ladies Hemp Jackets palette, we aimed into creating something bold for those women who want to feel Fierce, Bold and Empowered.

We wanted to celebrate passion while pouring some colours into it. That's how we came up with our Eggplant Hemp shade as well as our Forest Green Hemp Jacket.


Hemp woman



Our road towards exploring Women's wear doesn't stop here, we have many more ideas drafted that simply wait to be put out in the world and of course, worn by you.

De IONESCU is all about love towards sustainable fashion and staple designs that will complete your wardrobe, your outfit or your bucket list in a proper way.

It is all too rare these days to find handmade garments ethically fashioned from the heart, with just a needle and thread, thus we invite you to look closer because each hemp article we design shares a story and at the same time, we share our story through the garments we create.


Today, on this Very Special Day, allow yourself to dream and follow the dreams you weave, celebrate those special people that make your dreams possible because let's not forget

- Behind every powerful man, stands a woman -


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