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A Hemp Waistcoat To Go!

A Hemp Waistcoat To Go!

Hemp Waistcoats for the Summer!


When it comes to Waistcoats, there can be so many options and styles! All you have to do is pick one to go with your mood.

Single-breasted, double-breasted, silk, hemp, tweed or brocade, you name it! Collar, no collar, worn in order to complete a suit or simply add it casually to your favourite jeans and shirt, the Hemp Waistcoat is a versatile item in your wardrobe and a MUST HAVE.


When did this garment start to exist? 

Waistcoat history
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Once again, we talk about a fashion item that has its roots into the British concept. Created by King Charles II, sometime between 1630 - 1666. 

The term “waistcoat” is derived from cutting down the cloth used into the making, as British tailors would cut the cloth for a coat much longer that of a waistcoat. 

Back in 1630, a gentleman’s attire was a super elaborated one which included finest silks, lace, buttons as well as trims and embellishments cut from a wealth of cloths in an array of colours. The colours used most were vibrant and back then dye was expensive, so that meant that only a wealthy man can afford wearing one. Waistcoats used to be often bright in colour, because they were supposed to be the centrepiece of a gentleman’s outfit. 

As fashion evolved, so did the colours used on this particular garment. They went from bright and vibrant to less eye-catching, with a more subtle design. 


Double or Single Breasted?


Hemp Waistcoat

Single breasted waistcoats types basically have a single button fastening straight down the middle front, usually in 4 or 5 rows of buttons. 

Double breasted waistcoats overlap in the front, and come in 2 rows of parallel buttons. 

The double breasted waistcoat is highly popular and very associated to the steampunk movement, where it becomes alive in a patterned satin.  

More commonly, these kind of waistcoats are part of a 3 piece suit, usually worn at events like weddings. They can be made of coloured silks, satin or even hemp, embroidered or plain, worn with a tie and tailed coat. 

Hemp Waistcoat


Details that make a difference!

Collars, Necklines and Pockets are the details of a waistcoat that can make a difference when in comes down to choosing your style.

Some waistcoats come with a collar or rever. These are usually in the same fabric as the rest of the garment but it may also be in a contrasting fabric, adding a bit more interest. Collars are either pointed (peak or notch lapel) in shape like a standard jacket collar or have a curved shawl collar.

When fastened, the V at the neck may be quite high, showing only a small section of ones shirt and tie (should you chose to wear one) you could wear a deeper V or even a wide deep scoop, seen in evening waistcoat. These are known as a ‘horseshoe’ waistcoat for obvious reasons and were favoured by Steve McQueen. Now there’s a reason to get one in your wardrobe!

Most waistcoats have pockets and it is rare to find one without any.  The majority will have two at waist level (where one may store their pocket watch) and will be straight on the horizontal or slanted, dipping to the outer seam.  A good deal of waistcoats are also incorporating a top pocket where you may wish to display a pocket square if you are without a jacket and opt for a formal attire.




The Bottom Button


If there is one rule about wearing a waistcoat it’s that you should never, under any circumstances do up the bottom button - NEVER.

This long established tradition is said to have began when future Kind Edward VII became so fat that he either couldn’t do the bottom button up or because he couldn’t see passed his considerable girth to see that it had been left undone. Assuming this was now the done thing, other members of court quickly adopted the same style and it promptly became the way to wear a waistcoat.

Having said this, it only applies to single breasted waistcoats. A double breasted waistcoat should be fully fastened at all times.

Hemp Waistcoat


Those being said, still in doubt why you should buy a Hemp Waistcoat?

Well, firstly because you already know and love this amazing fabric that De IONESCU uses: Hemp. Secondly, if you've done your homework (kiddin') but if you've read our articles, you should know by now that Hemp is one heck of a fabric to wear during Summer, mostly  in those days you feel like simply staying home, under the shower because it's freakin' hot! A Hemp Waistcoat is one of our brand's propositions for your Summer Outfits because it is a light piece, we crafted it in a bunch of shades and colours, it compliments amazingly your favourite pair of jeans, T-shirt and sneakers if you opt for a Casual look, but you can also flip the style in a minute if you throw it over a shirt! In no time, you'll be ready for a hot date night with your girl, wearing this charming piece of garment - the Hemp Waistcoat.


If date nights are passed you, keep in mind it comes super handy for weddings, also! We're not implying anything, but ... keep in mind! If you do prepare to propose, be sure to go for the Double Breasted Hemp Waistcoat that will fit the Hemp Suit like a glove! A 3 piece outfit for a  Gentleman walking down the aisle. Can you picture it?

Well, stop picturing it and start wearing it! The Hemp Waistcoat is the new cool thing to own!

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