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Be a Star in A Hemp Tuxedo - The Gentleman Club

Be a Star in A Hemp Tuxedo - The Gentleman Club

Black Tuxedo, Hemp Tuxedo,

Tuxedo me away.

Wedding day, Red-carpet day,

Tuxedo, all the way!


Many people credit the creation of the Tuxedo to wealthy American aristocrats that used to attend the Autumn Ball Room in Tuxedo Park, New York (hence, the name) but few people actually know the garment dates back to 1865 in the time of Edward VII, then Prince of Wales. In that particular year, His Royal Highness commissioned a coat “without tails” as a more comfortable alternative for private dinners. In short time, this new dinner jacket gradually replaced the well known tailcoat used for private dinners. At this time, the jacket was usually black, shawl collared and topped with white accessories. 

This trend gained popularity in America thanks to HRH Edward VII who simply dressed one of his American friends in it. The millionaire James Brown Potter who later traveled with his new garment back to America, where he wore it first at the Autumn Ball in Tuxedo Park. 

history of tuxedo

Photo Source

These early tuxedos bear similarities to their modern counterparts but the evolutionary changes are crystal clear when you compare images of the “Tux” over time. 

By the 1930s, black-tie events roared back and so, the Tuxedo became the de facto evening wear. At this same time, the double breasted tuxedo variant - previously considered too informal - gained so much popularity! Also did the White variant of the famous “Black Tux” who was know appropriate and embraced in warmer climates and seasons as formal.

Then America embraced a short period of time the classic Suit, keeping the Tuxedo in a dusty place, waiting for its comeback, but man, what a comeback that was! 

By 1950s, the Tuxedo was once again the Star of menswear clothing. It came back with a few changes, like more fabrics (polyester), patterns and designs because we all know that Fashion always evolves and draws its inspiration from the term: Classic with a twist!

Now, the Black-tie was the new norm at all red carpet events and even weddings. The only thing that remained in dust was the White-tie, who was last worn by president John F. Kennedy to an inaugural ball. Afterwards, the White-Tie stayed dormant until Ronald Reagan briefly revived it in the 80s, alongside colorful variations of the Black-tie that slowly, made room into people’s hearts. 

 white-tie tuxedo

Photo Source

By late 2000s, formal-wear took another hit when the term “Business-casual” became popular on people’s lips. Today, more and more people are adopting the Black-tie styles of 30s and 40s whether they keep it classic or opt for a “Classic with a twist”. 

De IONESCU is proud to promote the later one, our Tuxedos being made entirely from sustainable and organic fabric: Hemp. Think of Hemp Tuxedo as the sibling of the White-tie one, used for warmer climate or season. Because of this amazing fabric we came to love and promote, the star of De IONESCU - Hemp - our Tuxedo is much more appropriate to warmer climate or seasons like Spring or Summer because Hemp allows your skin to breathe so much more than other fabrics like (polyester)

white hemp tuxedo

One other amazing aspect of today’s technology is the use of internet when it comes down to Custom Made pieces. We strongly urge people to create such important garments like Hemp Tuxedos according to each and every one’s measurements. Why is that? Because a Tux is not something you wear on a daily basis. It is something you wear to red-carpet events where you should look fierce and sharp while being able to do actions like shaking hands, hugging people or simply look fabulous and comfortable while doing your acceptance speech, besides the anxiety of writing one. Am I right? But when it comes to most of us, we opt for a Tux in one of the most important days we experience in life, a milestone, I might add, which is - The Wedding Day. On this day, you should feel the most … everything! And a Custom Made Hemp Tuxedo will allow you to dance off the night and feel incredible while doing it! 

black hemp tuxedo

That being said, we strongly think that a Tuxedo, Hemp or no Hemp, should be form-fitting, elegant and classy in a Gatsby manner but it should also allow you to be comfortable and not make you look stiff. It always comes down to attitude, and the perfect attitude that compliments a Classy Hemp Tuxedo is one that allows you to feel exactly who you are!

We hope you can now understand more this classic and exciting piece of garment that will be trending for some time.

As Dean Martin once said: "In a Tuxedo, I'm a star. In regular clothes, I'm nobody.

Be a star that shines its own light and embrace our proposal of Tuxedo, adapted to 2021

The Hemp Tuxedo.

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